Welcome to the Etz Hasadeh Newsletter, a weekly Torah commentary in which I explore the meaning of life, guided by ancient texts, and the meaning of ancient texts, guided by life. Here’s a lovely profile in Jewish Insider.

I also host the podcast Meditations with Zohar, write a philosophy newsletter What is Called Thinking, and am the Founder and CEO of Lightning, an AI-powered social network organized around the search for wisdom.

Etz Hasadeh is a Center for Existential Torah Study.

What Does Etz Hasadeh Mean?

Deuteronomy 20:19 teaches that when one conquers territory, one should not cut down the trees, because trees, unlike people, cannot run way. Read spiritually, the image-concept of the “tree of the field” represents that which we must preserve in the face of great cultural, political, and technological upheaval. As the world becomes more and more modernized, it is even more necessary to secure our connection to the wisdom of the ancient past and to ways of being that give our lives irreducible meaning.

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I’m a rabbi, philosopher, poet, and the founder of Etz Hasadeh. My mission is to bring greater awe, joy, and wisdom into the world through what I call “soulful intellectualism.”

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